A screen shot of the spectraloc software.

Telelumen Technology

Telelumen technology is based on hardware, firmware, and software. Telelumen takes the key ingredients of software, LED solid-state light, high-performance drivers, and portable spectrometers to create a light fixture that can produce custom spectral power distributions (SPDs) that can change over time and intensity. An intuitive and easily mastered user interface creates custom spectra using standard lighting parameters such as CCT, recorded spectra, and synthesized SPDs as inputs to produce the desired light output. Alternatively, a graphics equalizer type input can manipulate each color channel individually. From designing spectral power distributions to studying human-centric circadian rhythms to studying agricultural lighting for plant growth, the possibilities to manipulate the light spectrum are endless. Click here to view the operations guide.

Current products use 8 or 24 independent color channels of LED light to create the output. With 24 channels, you get scientific instrument level capability and flexibility to easily design experiments where a live subject or sensors can be tested for reaction to precision light stimulus. With 8 channels, you have a flexible commercial-grade light fixture for living spaces or a research tool to explore lighting in all its variations - human-centric or not. In either case, the capability to record or create time-varying light spectra to be "played" by the fixture gives the user unparalleled control of the light. At all times, the light output can be dimmed to very low levels over any time profile.



The rationale for needing more color channels is to reproduce high quality light as seen in the graph to the right. It plots the quality of the light, Rf in this case, (an improved CRI) against the correlated color temperature (CCT) range for some of the best industry solutions using various "channel/color" configurations. The plot includes two types of light –daylight and fire – that most people agree are high quality enjoyable illumination.

The coverage and quality of the light output can be seen for 2 to 8-channel configurations. For reference, the 2 channel solution is a Warm-White/Cool-White solution. The 3 channel solution is a high quality RGB solution. The 5 and 8 channel solutions are Telelumen solutions. The 8 channel solution uses 8 different color LEDs from 415nm to 660nm with no gaps in the spectrum.

In general, the inclusion of more colors in a luminaire solution translates into higher color quality and superior spectral tuning over a broader range of color temperatures. The superior light color quality from an 8 channel solution is not only appreciated by humans but also by cameras which are trying to achieve a high TLCI score.

Color Quality versus Channels
Color Quality versus Channels


Telelumen invests many resources into the innovative technology that enables the high performance and ease of use capability of its products. The innovative technology is embedded in both hardware and software. The company patents features, algorithms and techniques contained in its products as well as future ideas. The patents are generally but not exclusively in the areas of illumination, light spectrum recording, light spectrum replication and system control. The current list of issued patents can be found here.