The Technology of TeleLumen®

More than just LEDs, TeleLumen technology elegantly combines communication, control, and color intensity management to match what is found in nature. It literally unleashes 10 orders of magnitude more points of fidelity than conventional RGB systems.


The "Light Replicator" which reproduces with full fidelity, the color, intensity and seamless spectral change in the recording of light over time.

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Telegraph, Telephone, Television... TeleLumen


Since the dawn of humankind, part of our innate nature is our awareness of our ability to "remember" and with it, a relentless need to "record" what we remember; to communicate our experiences to others when verbal communication fell frustratingly short.

Starting from 30,000 year old cave drawings, humans have devised ever more expressive and meaningful methods to record human experience. Over many centuries, this innate human need manifests itself again and again. From written language to drawing to Gutenberg's printing press, humans have devised increasingly immersive methods to convey a more compelling "recording" of human experience. With the dawn of electricity and radio, the concept of telecommunication became a reality. The Telegraph, the Telephone, and Television clearly stand out as landmark achievements to communicate words, sound and imagery in motion. Now, in the 21st Century, TeleLumen has developed the technology to record and playback light with new levels of fidelity, vividness and accuracy never before achieved.

The Recording and Playback of Light

A simple gaze at these two images evokes two measurably different effects on our minds and bodies. This physical and psychological effect from immersive light affects not only humans but all living things.

The full fidelity of light, it's color, intensity and the subtlety of how it changes over time can now be captured in digital form, edited, enhanced, transmitted and replayed.

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LumenScript: Complete Control of Light Recording

Light recordings are now possible through our breakthrough LumenScript™ technology.

LumenScript technology can record time sequences from milliseconds to months (at 1,000 FPS!). From sunsets to candlelight to lightning, literally any light can be recorded, edited, slowed down, or enhanced to your purpose with LumenScripts. LumenScripts are small portable files that unleash the power of engineered light.

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